Elysian Senior Homes, LLC (Elysian) was formed on October 29, 2018, and is a senior living management company based in Minnesota. The company was formed by Gerald T. Jokerst, Jr. (Ted) and Devin Doyle as this was a good fit with their capital management portfolio. At the time, Ted and Devin had real estate investments in senior housing based in Florida and Minnesota. Learn more about Elysian Senior Home Corporate


To support the navigation of care and wellness, while continuing to strive for a healthy, independent and enriching lifestyle for the people we serve.


Strive for healthy enriching and engaging lifestyles for our:
RESIDENTS by creating person centered support in their home,
EMPLOYEES by continually investing in their growth and servant leadership, and
CLIENTS through transparency, accountability and thoughtful stewardship of their assets.



Managed Communities – 55+ Senior Living

Elysian Senior Homes, LLC provides on-site management, lifestyle enrichment activities, and maintenance.

On January 15, 2021, The Downtown Plaza of Red Wing was acquired. This is a 90-unit independent senior living building located in Red Wing, MN. There are two office spaces that are available for rent in the building that are roughly 1800 square feet of space. This building was opened in 1986 and has underground parking, storage units, a library, community dining room, fitness room, and recreation room.