As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, The Downtown Plaza is among the first in the U.S. to offer Caavo’s unique TV-based video calling and communication system. With Caavo, residents can use their TV to connect and engage with family and staff within the building.

What is Caavo?

Caavo is a two-way TV-based video calling and communication system that makes it easy for our residents to stay connected with loved ones and our staff within the building. Residents use a simple voice remote to operate the TV and interact with Caavo features. Residents can use their Caavo remote to answer or make video calls, request assistance, view pictures that have been shared by family, and more.

“Everything we do is about streamlining our processes and being efficient, and making sure the care we provide seniors is forefront.”

Lucy Boxrud, President of Elysian Senior Homes

Resident Benefits

Request Non-emergency Assistance

Whether you need a new lightbulb or have a simple question for the front desk, Caavo makes it easy for residents to request assistance right on the TV. Residents can check on the status of a request so they know when someone will be there to assist.

Easy Video Calling on Your TV

Residents love getting visits from loved ones on the largest, loudest screen. And it couldn’t be easier – residents simply press a button on their Caavo remote to answer or decline a video call from family and friends that are linked to their account.

Turn Your TV into a Family Photo Frame

Residents enjoy seeing family photos and Caavo puts them on the TV automatically. Residents can say “screensaver” into the Caavo voice remote to see a slideshow of family photos on their TV.

Wellness Checks

Independent living communities may have limited staff, but with Caavo each resident is able to enroll in the daily wellness check which provides some assurance that they are OK. Wellness checks show up on resident’s TV screen and will alert staff if a resident isn’t responsive.

“We are overjoyed as to the benefits of our CAAVO TV system. The array of music channels, communication tiles, coupled with ability to speak live to personal friends and contacts (with two-way vision), all at no extra cost is incredible. We wish we could have had these features in past years.”

Mendal Mearkle, Resident

Features for Families & Loved Ones

Our Caavo system includes access to the Caavo Connect app for family members. This gives you a window into what’s happening in our community, along with tools to help you stay connected. You can catch up with a quick video call, share photos, provide TV assistance using the virtual remote, and even set reminders that will show up on the residents’ TV.

“My dad has not talked on the telephone for many years…When they moved into Elysian Senior Homes, I video called them using the CAAVO TV system one afternoon, and my dad actually answered. It brought such joy to see him and talk face-to-face with him.

There are eight of us kids, and only 4 live in town, the CAAVO TV system has allowed the rest of the family and friends from afar to stay connected through face-to-face calls.”

Dick & Marlene Wallerich Family